Kagitingan Lodge No. 286


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Welcome to the official web site of Kagitingan Lodge No. 286.

Kagitingan is a very active Lodge. Our meetings are well attended and we always have a harmonious and warm fellowship afterwards. We have a number of projects underway which are designed to extend the Masonic education of our members and help the community in
which we live.

In these pages you will find some information about Freemasonry in general, Masonry in the Philippines and, of course, about Kagitingan Lodge No. 286. We hope that this will be of interest to Masons and non-Masons alike. We welcome suggestions for links and submissions of new material to help us enhance the value of this web site for Members and Guests.

Members of Kagitingan Lodge can log in to the members area to particpate in general business of the Lodge. Visiting Bretheren and non-Masons are welcome to visit the special guest area. Please sign our guest book.

May peace and harmony prevail.

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